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Professional agency for Japan's YASKAWA servo motors, inverters, and robots.
ELECTRIC & MACHINERY CO.,LTD Ding venture so far since 1993 , in good faith, good service for the highest quality, providing the necessary automation equipment motor , speed reducer and automatic control technology and other diverse products, specializing in marketing , service customers, and towards the sustainable management of supply and demand with strategic partners to achieve win-win goal , over the years has been in the industry to establish quality, technology , service, professional quality image, but also towards Mechatronics continue efforts to improve the firm sales service for the highest purpose , so that with the Company 's customer base to get the highest quality products with the most affordable cost to create the highest profits .

The company, after 20 years of hard work and effort , with high quality , professional, technical , and in the industry to obtain a good evaluation , in view of changes in the market and the customer base requires more precision products, the company focused on the planet in 2011 Precision reducer , DC brushless motor development, providing accuracy and customer base to upgrade the industry needs to reduce costs in the future a more competitive environment , the Company will provide a full range of technical services and expansion of our distribution base , to provide the most perfect service, in order to facilitate customer base without worry.